Ruby 2.6 JIT - Progress and Future

  • Performance
  • Portability
  • Stability
  • Security


trunk+JIT: 493.8 i/s
2.6.0-preview1+JIT: 246.4 i/s - 2.00x slower
2.6.0-preview1: 86.8 i/s - 5.69x slower
trunk: 86.2 i/s - 5.73x slower
2.5.0: 80.9 i/s - 6.11x slower
2.0.0: 78.4 i/s - 6.30x slower
Optcarrot Lan_Master.nes
2.6.0-preview3+JIT: 86.6 fps
2.6.0-preview2+JIT: 73.9 fps - 1.17x slower
2.6.0-preview1+JIT: 59.2 fps - 1.46x slower
2.6.0-preview3: 54.6 fps - 1.59x slower
2.6.0-preview2: 53.3 fps - 1.62x slower
2.6.0-preview1: 53.0 fps - 1.63x slower
2.5.3: 48.5 fps - 1.78x slower
2.0.0: 34.6 fps - 2.50x slower


  • GCC
  • Clang
  • Microsoft Visual C++



  1. C compiler is replaced to an arbitrary binary
  2. C header files or libraries are replaced
  3. Another user’s program on the same server overwrites C code to be JIT-ed


  • Inline Ruby methods as further as possible to avoid loading code or creating a VM frame many times
  • Optimize object allocations which we've not invested so much in JIT so far




Software engineer at Treasure Data.

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Software engineer at Treasure Data.

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