Ruby 3 JIT can make Rails faster

RubyKaig 2018 / The Method JIT Compiler for Ruby 2.6

"MJIT Does Not Improve Rails Performance"

Why does Rails become slower on Ruby 3’s JIT?

Is it because we use C compilers?

i-cache misses by compiling many methods?

The “compile all” magic

Sinatra Benchmark

Rails Simpler Bench



Why does compiling everything make it faster?

So, should I use JIT on Rails?

Ruby 3.0.1 bug that's not in 3.0.0

Ruby 3 bug that stops compilation in the middle

Incompatibility with Zeitwerk / TracePoint

Incompatibility with GC.compact

The default value of --jit-max-cache

Scalability of "JIT compaction"

Next steps

Ruby-based JIT compiler

Faster deoptimization

Lazy stack frame push





Software engineer at Treasure Data.

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Software engineer at Treasure Data.

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